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Cooking together, making flower wreaths or filming a movie, Gronau offers a variety of attractions that you can do together as a group – perfect for occasions like a family party, bachelor parties or birthdays.

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Stadtführungen1_Quelle Stadtmarketing
Guided tour of Gronau with our Gronau insiders.

Guided tour of Gronau

In about 2 hours through the city of Gronau: Real “Gronau insiders” guide you through the city and its history. From the textile city to the music city, it goes via the Inselpark area through the city centre, past relevant points – exciting for Gronauer, visitors, repeat offenders, would-be visitors to Gronau and also for those who have never been there before.

The pubs, pens & grain tour includes many different stops.

Pubs, pens & a grain

A guest in a beautiful part of town, where the Pilepatten (also called ducks elsewhere in the world) and Udo Lindenberg shake hands: Welcome to the city tour of a special kind in Gronau-Epe! On the tour with our “Gronau-Epe Insider” Gabi Scheffer you can expect local drink specialties and a delicious “Knifte” in combination with exciting and interesting information about the city.

Klaus Wiedau illustrates Gronau during a digital city tour at the rock'n'popmuseum.

Gronau in 99 pictures

Under the motto “Making Gronau an experience for everyone”, we offer the “City tour sitting down” for our guests who are not good on their feet. In a suitable room (with coffee and cake) our guide Klaus Wiedau will show you the city in a series of pictures on the screen. Gronau’s history and stories come to life. The digital tours can take place at your facility or clubhouse. All you need is a projector and screen or a smartboard. If you would like to hold the special city tour in a restaurant, we will be happy to help you find a suitable place.

© Kulturbüro GmbH

Discover new corners of Gronau and learn new, interesting and amusing facts on a city tour.

Gronau insider Klaus Wiedau takes you on a special kind of city tour and shows you Gronau from a new perspective.

In two hours, the city’s past is brought to life and you can experience the present with different eyes. The city tour by bus is barrier-free and therefore also suitable for people with limited mobility.

Grenowe_Stadtmarketing Gronau
© Kulturbüro GmbH

Grenowe's stories

The special acting tour of Gronau

Between strong women and Gronau stories, between vivid truths and fabricated lies: Once upon a time…

…Grenowe! It tells stories, not history. She ran with Erna through the fields and who knows whom she knew…

Experience an acting tour of a special kind with Grenowe! During the 1.5 hours you will get to know the city in a completely new way – a little whimsical, a little crazy – but definitely entertaining, special and with lots of lively and spun stories!

Eine Gruppe Radfahrer steht um die Fahrräder, während der Tourguide etwas erzählt.
© Cultural Office

Cycle tour through the border region

This guided cycle tour explores Gronau and the neighboring towns of Overdinkel, Glanerbrug and Enschede. The main focus is on the influence of the German-Dutch border on the development of the villages, differences in mentality, textile barons and monasteries, border stones and smuggling.

In short: it’s about everything that connects and distinguishes Gronau and its neighboring towns.

Met Tönne Speckmann ründ üm Ep'_Stadtmarketing Gronau - Kopie
City marketing Gronau

With Tönne Speckmann around Ep'

Tönne Speckmann, an oddball from the southern part of the town and Eper veteran, takes you “ründ üm Ep'” and to Gronau. Packed with lots of interesting facts and anecdotes as well as truths and half-truths about Epe (and a little about Gronau), he shows you the most beautiful corners in and around Epe.

Request individual tour

For the city tour of Gronau, the digital city tour, the drama tour and the “Kneipen, Knifte & ein Korn” tour you can also request individual dates. Simply enter 1-2 desired dates in the “Message” field.

(c) Frank Schürmann (19)
© Frank Schürmann

The rock’n’popmuseum offers individual guided tours for groups of all ages. Learn more about the music history and shoot your own music video in the greenbox.

Alpakawanderung(c)Münsterland eV_R. Dombrowski (120)
© Romana Dombrowski, Münsterland e.V.

Alpaca hike

Do you already know Baloo, Snoopy, Watar and Xaca? Enjoy an alpaca walk through Gronau-Epe and experience the cute animals up close. Balu and his buddies live on a meadow on the farm Oing in Epe and have a good time there. Helena Oing is the boss of the animals and she offers the alpaca walks. She trained the animals for over a year and gained a wealth of experience. This alpaca hike is suitable for groups of up to 4 people.

Minimum age: 12 years

Kutschfahrt_Terhan_Stadtmarketing Gronau (3)
© Cultural Office

Carriage ride through Gronau

Together with Bernhard Terhan from “Kutschfahrten Münsterland” we now offer carriage rides through Gronau-Epe and the surrounding area. Discover the beautiful countryside, get to know new corners of the city and enjoy the region on a horse-drawn carriage. Experiencing the Münsterland during a carriage ride is an impressive pleasure. The quiet trot of the two absolutely roadworthy horses invites you to relax. By the way, Emil and Carlo are both black horses, which are experienced companions in the city as well as in the country.

Duration: approx. 2 hours

Start: at the parking lot opposite Hotel & Restaurant Schepers (parking lot Eper Park, Ahauser Straße).

The start and end point of the route as well as the time can still be coordinated if necessary.

The carriage ride can take up to 4 people.


At Gartenland Schmitz you get nice special events with free choice of themes for example hen parties, wedding or birthday presents.

Sasse Tasting_
© Sasse

Taste your way through Münsterland with the exclusive tasting board equipped with selected brandies from the fine distillery Sasse. In addition, there will be delicious three-country tapas with small dishes from Münsterland, the county and Holland.

Whisky Tasting
© Whisky & cigar salon Gronau

The world of single malt whiskies is so diverse that there are plenty of occasions to spend a delicious and informative evening with like-minded people again and again on new topics. In addition to the popular whisky tastings for beginners who want to get a first overview, single malt connoisseurs will also find their special tastings at the Whisky & cigar salon.

These tastings are open to anyone (of legal age) who is interested. Prior registration is required.

© Whisky & cigar salon Gronau

Would you like to organize your own customized Whiskey & Cigar Tasting in a group? No problem. Just contact the whisky & cigar salon & discuss together date, topic, cost & location.

Minimum number of participants: 10 persons for tastings in the whisky & cigar salon; for tastings on site usually 15 persons.

© Hotel Ammertmann

Immerse yourself in the art of mixing your own cocktails under the expert guidance of the Hotel Ammermann team. Shake a glass with your friends, acquaintances or even co-workers in a cosy atmosphere…. e.g. Caipirinha, Tequila Sunrise, Cosmopolitan, Sex on the Beach etc..

© Kulturbüro GmbH

For over 15 years Klaus-Jürgen van der Wals has been breeding bees and producing honey from the products in his apiary. Go on an exciting journey and discover the world of bees.

© Bierbike Ahaus

The somewhat different tour! A total of four BierBikes are available for your tour, depending on the date. Three BierBikes each offer space for up to 19 persons incl. Driver place. The fourth, smaller BierBike offers space for up to 13 persons incl. Driver place.

Delivery and collection?

When booking, a fixed meeting point is set where the tour with the BierBike should start. After the tour, the beer bike will be picked up again at the same meeting point. The BierBikes can be delivered up to 100 km around Gronau.


A music system with CD compartment, USB port and jack connection for smartphones Android / iPhone / iPod is available.


Upon request, chilled Krombacher keg beer is offered in the sizes: 20 liters and / or 30 liters. Matching beer mugs are also available. A tap system is installed on the BierBikes.


The addition of an external driver costs extra.

The beer bike can also be booked without an external driver, but then one of the group must agree to be the driver and stay sober accordingly.


Rent outdoor games

Viking chess, Spikeball or Cornhole & Co. – you can now borrow these games free of charge from us at the Tourist Info.


Pinball Hall

In the 60s-90s, no restaurant could be imagined without them. Today they are rather a rarity! But in Gronau’s only pinball hall you will find about 27 devices on 150m2 . These are freely available for you to play with. The hall can also be rented for events.


Balloon ride

An experience that no one should miss. The feeling of space and freedom, a fantastic view over Gronau and its surroundings. All this hanging under a hot bubble.
An ‘airy adventure’ for everyone.

You can book the balloon ride either at our tourist information or directly at Ballooning Adventures.

Sauna Park

The SAUNAPARK EPE awaits you in a cosy and personal atmosphere with a great variety of recreational possibilities. Experience flattering warmth, pleasant fragrances and gentle lighting moods in the various themed saunas.

mit Picknickdecke_Stadtmarketing
© Kulturbüro, Pickniicken with the handcart in the city park

Rent a handcart

Got a lot of luggage? Drinks, toys and what you need? No problem. For your stay in Gronau we now offer the perfect solution: simply rent a trolley free of charge from us at the Tourist Info, if you wish and order in advance also filled with the Gronau picnic basket!

Führng Gildehauser VEnn_Stadtmarketing
© Cultural Office

Guided hikes

The Gildehauer Venn, the Amtsvenn or the Rüenberger Wand? Gronau and its surroundings offer breathtaking nature to discover. For this purpose, the Biological Station Zwillbrock offers guided tours on specific topics.

Lenis Kaffee
© Lenis GmbH

Leni's coffee roastery

Leni’s coffee roastery offers guided tours for all coffee lovers. This way you can get to know the production of coffee up close. Guided tours for 8-15 people can only be offered in the mornings by prior arrangement. No refreshments are offered, but there are shopping opportunities at the end of the tour. The guided tours cost €10 per person.

© ASV Dinkelfreunde fishing club

Fishing in Epe

Fishing in the Eper Bülten – fishing for beginners with the experts from the fishing club ASV Dinkelfreunde Epe e.V. “Even with a small hook you can catch big fish.” – This is a Chinese proverb. The ASV Dinkelfreunde from Epe offer a basic course in fishing and invite everyone to join and discover the hobby for themselves (from 10 years).

A special experience awaits you in the great atmosphere of the Eper Bülten. The equipment is provided and also for a small refreshment is provided.

Zwei Frauen sind von hinten auf den Fahrrädern zu sehen.
© Cultural Office

Guided bike tours

Fancy a guided bike tour? The ADFC Gronau-Epe offers regular guided cycle tours to various locations from Gronau and Epe. The tours can be booked for a small fee.

Marcel Ruhne, Cook'n'roll
© cook'n'roll

cook'n'roll - the very special cooking school

Marcel Ruhne and his team make cooking an experience. In a group of 10 or more you will cook a delicious menu together. Fun is guaranteed not to be neglected.