Sleep well in Gronau and Epe

Just sit back and don’t worry about anything. Whether in the beautifully situated holiday apartments, on the adventure farm, the camping site or in the star hotel. The hosts do their best to make you feel completely comfortable and simply happy. All accommodations are in the immediate vicinity and within a few minutes drive.

Book an overnight stay or have further questions? The team of the Touristinfo is at your disposal and is looking forward to any contact!


Nienborger Str. 23

48599 Gronau-Epe

Tel: 02565/93370

Special: Udo Suite


Gildehauser Damm 85

48599 Gronau-Epe

Tel: 02565/1207


Gildehauser Str. 350

48599 Gronau-Epe


Suite Sitzecke

Ahauser Str. 1

48599 Gronau-Epe

Tel: 02565/93320


Apartment in old water mill

Drostenplatz 1a

48599 Gronau-Epe

Tel. 02565-93320


Amtsvennweg 58

48599 Gronau

Tel: 02562/3687


Enscheder Str. 59

48599 Gronau

Tel: 02562/817056

DJI_0638-HDR s 2

Am Fürstenbusch 20

48599 Gronau

Tel: 02562/3100


Gronauer Street 139

48599 Gronau-Epe

Tel: 02565/1258


Brechter Weg 15

48599 Gronau

Tel: 02562/5307


Heerweg 169

48599 Gronau

Tel: 05924/785848


Alter Postweg 3 and

Dr.-Selbert-Straße 1

48599 Gronau

Tel: 0160/90293782


Brechterweg 13

48599 Gronau

Tel: 0151/15220033

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ds Hotel, Campingplatz neu_Gronau (5)

Amtsvennweg 58

48599 Gronau

Tel: 02562/3687


Holiday apartment Maria Fellrath

Gildehauser Damm 130

48599 Gronau-Epe

Tel: 016095847816


Vacation apartment Kortbus

Am Buddenbrock 20

48599 Gronau-Epe

Tel: 02565/97420


Holiday flat Krug

Von Steuben Str. 9

48599 Gronau

Tel: 02562/80193

F:1  I:S  QT:2  MT:+93

Brechter Weg 19

48599 Gronau

Tel: 02562/5272


Holiday flat Roßkamp

Imperial Staircase 174

48599 Gronau

Tel: 02562/726570

Camper pitches

Host directory

Sleep well in Gronau. Here you can find our host directory.

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Request information material

All price quotations were provided by the landlords and serve as a basis for the mediation. Kulturbüro Gronau GmbH does not assume any liability for the information provided. Some of the hotels and inns are centrally located in the districts of Gronau and Epe. You can also find them in the outside area of Gronau. The district of Epe is about 4 km away from Gronau. Free mediation and detailed information, as well as further addresses of accommodations are available at the tourist information.

We will gladly send you the host directory! Just call us at +492562 99006 or send us an email at