Welcome to the Kulturbüro Gronau!

Our work in the cultural office is characterised by a great variety of programmes and a wide range of activities behind the scenes. Whether concerts, theatre performances or lectures, there is something for every taste. With great commitment, we organise special formats such as the Night Insights with spectacular light installations, cultural events at various venues or the regular Gronau Poetry Slam.

And yet the heart of the city beats especially for music – Gronau is and remains the city of music in the countryside.


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We are already counting down to the next Jazzfest:

Hartmut Springer_Livestream
© Hartmut Springer, Livestream 4 Wheel Drive & Wolfgang Haffner

Gronau is not only the birthplace of Udo Lindenberg, the location of the unique rock’n’pop museum and the annual venue of the international jazz festival. Gronau’s cultural life is lively and varied, with a large number of committed creative people and a wide range of associations.

© Gronau public library

Not only music plays a big role in Gronau. For many years there have also been countless plays, poetry slam events and many other stunning cultural highlights to experience.


In addition to the rock’n’popmuseum and the Drilandmuseum, Gronau is characterized by a small but very committed artistic scene, which presents itself in changing projects and exhibitions.

Ida (9), Jakob(6) und Theo(3) Leusbrock
© Ida, Jacob and Theo Leusbrock

Enabling children and young people to access and participate in cultural activities is an important part of our work, e.g. through cooperation with schools and daycare centers as well as an open offer at our youth centers.

And also the youth centers of our city and the rock’n’popmuseum offer a wide range of creative activities, just have a look.

© Women's Choir Horizon

The music town of Gronau is characterised above all by a lively club life. Numerous choirs, bands and music groups and not least the music initiative MIG 90 as an umbrella organisation of local amateur bands make their voluntary contribution to a colourful cultural life and make Gronau what it is.
We present you here the individual cultural associations, choirs and chapels.


Kommunales Gesamtkonzept

Overall concept for cultural education

The state government of North Rhine-Westphalia supports the development of cultural network structures at the municipal level and promotes cities, municipalities and municipal associations that work in a planned manner on the quality of their cultural education landscape through the award “Municipal Overall Concepts for Cultural Education”.

The aim is to open up opportunities for all children and young people to encounter art and culture and to develop an interest in the diversity of cultural life.

The municipal overall concepts are intended to present a systematic further development of cultural education as well as a coordinated and joint approach of politics and administration in culture and education in a comprehensible way.

Gronau took part in the competition for the first time in 2022 and was able to convince the jury of the submitted concept with the first serve. The Minister for Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, Ms. Ina Brandes, did not miss the opportunity to personally present the award. The €15,000 in funding associated with the award will be used over the next two years to support cultural education projects in the city and help build a strong and active cultural network.