Picnicking in Gronau: an experience

Grab a picnic basket, backpack or bike bag and explore Gronau on your own. By bike, on foot or completely different. Experience THE GOOD LIFE in Gronau and find your favourite place for a relaxed picnic with family, friends and of course delicious food from the region.

The Gronau picnic baskets

You want to enjoy a great picnic? How about a Gronau picnic basket? Two catering establishments offer great options for your culinary time in Gronau.

The picnic baskets of the quality bakery Duesmann

Variant 1:

“Good morning, Gronau!” – The breakfast picnic

(for 2 persons), 35 Euro

Two wheat croissants and butter croissants, honey from the Gronau beekeeper, homemade jam, butcher’s sausage from the Laschke butcher’s shop in Heek, cheese (Gouda) from the region, tomato-mozzarella skewers, homemade egg salad, a pot of filter coffee, a large bottle of mineral water.

Variant 2:

Gronau picnic basket

(for 2 persons), 35 Euro

Home-made wholemeal sandwiches with cooked ham, vegetable variation (raw vegetables) with delicious garlic dip, meatballs, chicken crossies and BBQ dip, Münsterland gherkins, sparkling Piccolo sparkling wine, a large bottle of mineral water, colourful fruit salad, freshly baked muffins from the bakery

The picnic basket from the Hotel Restaurant Seeblick


Your picnic at the Dreiländer Lake

Gronau picnic basket

17,90 per person (30,- deposit for the box)
Deckchair 10,- deposit
Picnic blanket 3,- rental fee
You get:
🥂 house piccolo
🥛 Juice
☕️ Coffee
🥪 Farmhouse bread sandwich (vegetarian or cheese-ham)
🧀 Cheese and sausage snack
🍇 Fruit
🍰 sweet surprise