City voucher

A voucher redeemable at all participating retailers, restaurateurs and local service providers offers an incredible variety of options while strengthening local businesses.

The recipient is free to choose where or for what he redeems his voucher. A new pair of shoes? A book? A delicious meal? A new haircut? Or all of it? Yes, you can do that too. Because our vouchers are also redeemable in partial amounts. And if you want to give your loved ones a very special gift, you can make the voucher even more personal with an individual picture and text.

Become a participant company now

Your company is not yet a member of the city voucher scheme? Then register it here now and become an acceptance point for the city voucher. For tips on setting up the voucher, visit We are also happy to help you personally with the setup. Just give us a call (+49 2562 99006) or send us an e-mail to