The Homeland Award 2022 goes to the KLJB Epe

The main and finance committee of the city of Gronau has decided: the homeland award goes this year to the Plattdeutsch theater of the Catholic Rural Youth Movement KLJB Epe.

A total of six organizations and associations applied. “Our heartfelt congratulations go to the winners, but all other applicants for the Homeland Award also deserve the greatest recognition for their commitment,” said Mayor Rainer Doetkotte.

With its annually changing Plattdeutsch plays, the KLJB Epe makes an important contribution to the town’s cultural offerings. The plays are always comedies rewritten in Münsterländer Platt. In the course of the young people’s participation in the plays, extracurricular activities and at the same time the old language of the homeland are taught and the linguistic heritage is preserved.

As an award and as an incentive to continue this important work, the KLJB Epe is now awarded the Heimatpreis 2022, endowed with € 5,000.

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