Gronau awards Homeland Prize 2021

The citizens’ association Dinkelaue Gronau und Epe e.V. is honored for its special commitment to near-natural front gardens and the associated contribution to climate protection, nature conservation and the preservation of biodiversity. The Kameradschaftsverein Freiwillige Feuerwehr Löschzug Gronau e.V. has been providing fire safety education in kindergartens for more than 15 years: as an award and an incentive to continue this important work, they are also awarded the Heimatpreis 2021. Both award winners will receive 2,500 euros each.

The financial resources come from the funding program “Heimat. Future. North Rhine-Westphalia. We promote what connects people” of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. With this award, the city of Gronau recognizes the commitment of volunteers who shape their home, who are particularly active locally, and who carry out practical examples or innovative projects worthy of imitation.

The Heimatpreis will also be awarded in 2022. Information on the application process will be available here from the beginning of the year.

The winners of the Heimatpreis 2021 have been determined

The main and finance committee of the city of Gronau has decided: the Homeland Award 2021 goes to the citizens’ association Dinkelaue Gronau and Epe e.V. and the comradeship association Voluntary Fire Brigade Gronau Fire Brigade e.V.