Cycling - Experience Gronau actively

Along the Dinkel, across the border into the Netherlands or Lower Saxony: Gronau (Westphalia) is the perfect starting point for a bike tour in the border triangle. We have put together the most beautiful cycling tours around Gronau and Epe for you here.

Old town hall tower in Gronau

The textile route

Nothing has shaped the Twente region and the cities of Enschede and Gronau like the textile industry. Even today, the enormous influence of the textile industry can be seen very clearly. Take your bike on an exciting journey from Gronau to Enschede or from Enschede to Gronau and discover the magnificent villas, estates and factories.

Dinkelstein 11 "Border crossers" by Andreas H. Groten

The Dinkelstein Route

With the Landesgartenschau 2003 the project “Dinkelsteine” was realized:25 spelt stones lead along the river “Dinkel” and unique sights in Epe, Gronau, Losser, De Lutte and Neuenhaus. The cross-border cycle route connects Germany and the Netherlands and brings Europe to life.

It is also possible to drive only individual sections.

Tönne Speckmann

Tönnes tour tips

although not scientifically proven, many contemporaries of the
opinion that cycling is anchored in the DNA of the common Münsterlander.
is. That’s right, with us you learn to drive the Fiets or the Leeze rather than
the certainly also important basics of mathematics.
A remarkable cycling infrastructure with magnificent tours, embedded in
plenty of “green” and “blue”, make the start also for “non-cyclists” quite
easy. Others rightly call it “pleasure cycling”. Tönne Speckmann is an old hand from Gronau and a self-confessed cyclist. In the following he has put together 15 tours between 30 and 75 km for you, which you can easily do with or without an e-bike.

Have fun Tönne Speckmann!

© Ute Schepers, Schepers Mill on the Dinkel River

Tour Am Berge

The tour takes you along the Dinkel through the Füchte to the Stone Age house in the Ammerter Mark and through the Morgensternsiedlung, a listed building. The Jewish cemetery is hidden between the house fronts (Vereinsstraße).

Viewpoint in the Eper-Graeser Fens

The Moorhof Tour

This route takes you along natural landscapes that were originally moors, heaths and wetlands. The Biological Station Zwillbrock has taken on the task of re-establishing former wet meadows and moor areas. The tour is named after the shepherd’s farm Moorhof, which can be visited by prior arrangement (currently only possible in the month of April).

Eper Bulrushes

The Spelt Goorbach Tour

Since the Gronau-Losse State Garden Show in 2003, our border town has not only had an extensive canal system and elaborate themed gardens, but also an outdoor climbing tower, a water labyrinth and spacious children’s play areas. Here you can stop on your tour along the Eper Bülten, the Dreiländersee and in the city and animal park.

The Hermann lock

The Donselfelder Tour

This route leads along the Dinkel past Schepers Mühle. Here you will find the spelt stone 0 .

The Amtsvenn

The Amtsvenn Tour

The Amtsvenn is one of the most interesting nature reserves in the district of Borken. This tour takes you deliberately into the German-Dutch border area, because the Dutch part is still a well-known and popular hiking area.

The Three-Country Lake

The three-country tour

The three-country tour leads through the three states of NRW, Lower Saxony and the Netherlands. Discover the Oasis, the former State Garden Show grounds or the Bardel Monastery on the tour.

The City Park Gronau

Tour Green Meadow

The tour Grüne Aue connects the bike tours and leads once around Gronau and Epe.

Actionbound app

Scavenger hunt through Epe

Join Sparkasse Westmünsterland on an exciting scavenger hunt through Epe! On the way the most different tasks must be solved. A nice idea for a special bike ride!